The Girl in her Tank Top and Jeans in the Painting on the Wall in the House in my Dreams #2 In Blue

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I love to dream. When I am lucky enough to remember my dreams I write them down before they evaporate. They are slippery little suckers. My dreams are filled with paintings, antiques, fabrics, music, old houses and more. This painting was in my dream. I was walking into an old bungalow similar to the ones in Beacon Hill and there was a small painting on the wall. It was a painting of only the torso of a young woman in a white tank top and jeans. She is wearing blue jean shorts. Although they aren’t showing in the painting I knew this intuitively from my dream. The background of the painting was blue. I have attempted to recreate her to the best of my ability. 

16” x 20” acrylic paint and paint pen on canvas